A well trained cleaning team with state-of-the-art cleaning tools

Home/Workplace Hygiene and Protection

The V-eX® (Virus Execution) program is a new program developed to help you keep your home and your workplace free of germs, bacteria, and viruses. We sanitize and disinfect the site using our own certified products (V-EX®).
V-eX® Germ Control is certified disinfection and sanitation service tailored to businesses and residential entities. When just simple cleaning isn’t enough to get the job done right, you can count on us to disinfect and sanitize to keep your environment healthy.

We disinfect and protect your surfaces from a wide variety of viruses and bacteria, our visit takes no more than 2 hours.
Using the latest high efficiency sprayers that produces small droplets 900 times smaller than your conventional sprayer. Quickest way to disinfect a room and deliver 100% coverage of all surface areas and eliminate risk of contamination. Plus we provide you with sanitizers and microfiber towels for you to be able to sanitize the most frequently used places and items in your home or workplace.
It is advised to sanitize your home on a weekly basis or at least 2 times per month.

✔ Create a Healthy Environment & Reduce Infection Rates.
✔ Non Toxic, Safe for Humans, Pets, and the Environment.
✔ Skilled, certified, and professional germ control experts.
✔ Reach 100% surface coverage


Post Construction & Decoration Cleaning

For domestic and trade Buildings: Though it might look like a hassle to you, we have the right team and machinery to get the job done. A newly constructed or a newly decorated place also needs to look new. Don’t make the mistake of hiring amateurs!


Cleaning Programs

For offices, hospitals, cinemas, showrooms, banks, museums, schools, and restaurants: Whether you need daily cleaning or periodic cleaning sessions, your best option is Capitalia Exel. We know the requirements of each business, the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

Window Cleaning

Our specialized window cleaning team uses the latest cleaning tools to ensure clean and shiny windows. The windows that we clean shine better and stay clean for a longer period of time.


Systematic Cleaning

Of common areas in domestic and office buildings: this includes deep cleaning, general cleaning, bathroom cleaning, vacuum, mopping, dusting, polishing furniture, removing trash, and more.

Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are getting ready for summer or you just need to remove stains from carpet floors, we can help you. Carpet cleaning is a process and is done through several methods. We are experts at it.


Pest Control

We want the best for your home and for your business. We provide reliable pest control services. We do not merely eliminate the pests at hand, but we also work to prevent it from happening again.

Street Cleaning

We have the manpower and state- of-the-art machinery to clean streets, pavements, and complete other cleaning tasks related to municipalities.


Curtains and Furniture Care

Some items such as curtains and sofas need special care, and we are the right people for it.


We provide well-trained kitchen stewards. They are professionals and always more than ready to handle the cleaning tasks at hand. The main duty Is to keep the kitchen and the surrounding areas clean.


Tank Cleaning

We have developed a unique technology and cleaning method that allows us to clean tanks without wasting water. And when it comes to water tanks, we only use organic products and no chemicals.